Silicone Ice Ball Molds

Silicone Ice Ball Molds – Make Your Own Whiskey Balls 2.5″

When it comes to serving the best mixed drinks, a more ideal and elegant way in providing a whole great tasting mixed drink experience has gained its popularity – mixing with ice balls. It has become so popular that ice ball mold products are becoming highly in-demand in the market right now. Party hosts, clubs, and restaurants have recently been using them ever since it came out in the mainstream thus surpassing the conventional ice cubes.

Many who have used ice balls have agreed that ice balls have far more advantages than ice cubes. They melt slowly, their sleek spherical shape adds touch to your drinks, hard to crumble, and more over they are perfect for drinks on the rocks. Though the ice ball molds may not be widely available compare to the ice cube trays, but they have definitely become the top choice by many cocktail enthusiasts.

Why ice balls?

To many who love cocktails and other types of mixed drinks, the kind of ice used plays a vital role. After all, getting your drinks diluted with too much water can be a disaster. Though drinks made with ice cubes can be very ok at first. But eventually, it becomes watery due to the rapid melting of the ice cubes. This normally will result to a less savory drink. On the other hand, the popular jumbo-sized ice balls tend to water down slowly thus providing a long lasting chilling taste of your margarita.

How to make ice balls and mix with them with drinks?

Making and using ice balls is fairly easy as 1-2-3. It is just like ice cubes. You just grab yourself a set of ice ball molds. (Normally each set come in a pair. The more sets, the better.) Then fill up the molds with water up until it levels with an indicator. For a more elegant and attractive cocktail display, you can also place a strawberry in the water-filled mold. Simply leave them in the freezer for 24 hours. Finally, you can begin placing a couple in the punch bowl with the mix.

It is very important to remember that size of the ice balls matters. The best ice balls available right now are the whopping 2.5 inches ones! They can sustain a longer lasting mixed drink experience compare to the smaller ones.

Mixing the best cocktail drinks requires the right type of ice. This means you need to have that absolute size to cool that cocktail to maintain a long lasting flavor. With ice balls, you won’t have to worry about your drinks getting diluted. This definitely leaves you enjoying the savory taste of your beverage with your friends all the time!


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